We met a lot of nice people in
Cassadaga, visible and ...

... invisible at a seance set up for
us to witness spirit communication.

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Cassadaga is a village famous the world over in the New Age and Spiritual communities. But many people in the neighboring land have never heard of the small town or if they have,  it is often described with reservation as a place where evil dwells. Superstitions abound when it comes to the supernatural but there is in Cassadaga a certain aura of peace that immediately puts one at ease. In recent years, renowned medium James Van Praagh has been lecturing and giving demonstrations of modern day mediumship in Cassadaga and it's sister village Lily Dale in Upstate New York. Cassadaga is a place suspended in time where the houses seem to belong to the 1940's, although The Cassadaga Hotel at the entrance of the village has been refurbished and has a modern look. Cassadaga is a unique place.