Jessica Vaillancourt
Jessica was born Diane Badovinac in Los Angeles, California she attended Louisville High School and Pierce College.  Following a cabaret engagement in Texas, she went to New York City where she ended up staying 5 years. There she studied acting with famed acting coach William Hickey.  She developed at stand-up comedy act based on cartoon characters.  She also worked as a runway model. She participated in several avant-garde productions Off-Off-Broadway, garnering success in the play "Wonderful Woman", a show which she later performed in Los Angeles under the title "Cosmic Spunk", a punk-rock opera. She hung out at Andy Warhol's Factory and was friend's with Candy Darling, Divine and Holly Woodlawn.

Returning to Los Angeles, she continued studying, this time with The Groundlings, George Maharis, Allan Landers, Michael Shurtleff, Gene Bua and Sal Romeo.

She became a clothing designer, creating a line of evening wear, with lingerie based garments decorated in a neo-romantic way along with stoles, shawls and three-piece suits. Her line of bustiers was featured on the Playboy Channel. When undertaking that venture, she adopted the more memorable name of Jessica Devlin, based on a distant family surname.

She formed a sketch comedy group called The Eclairs. Using mime to music only the quartet performed 90's vaudeville with a naughty flair and performed in local clubs such as Fais-Do-Do, Tempest and Atlas.

She was a member of David Cox's American Renegade Theater in North Hollywood.
Under the auspices of the Theater of Hope, she participated in a theater program for underprivileged  children aged 7 to 12.

In 1999 she joined forces with Andre in Golden Screen Enterprises as executive producer, producer and still photographer. Her dedication and creativity have been a most valuable asset to the company.

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Jessica has practiced meditation since 1975 and for several years now the main focus of her life has been her inner work. She is adept at yoga, reflexology and Jorei, a Japanese healing modality.

Traveling extensively to India since 2000 has changed her life. While in the US, she remains active in the entertainment industry, she has had the good fortune of meeting several of India's living saints and feels privileged to be able to sit in the company of those she refers to as "The Keepers of the Planet".

Throughout her travels,Jessica has been taking photographs, first on film then adding digital a couple of years later. Now with an impressive body of work, she is looking to set up a show accompanied by a coffee table book in the future.

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