Golden Screen Enterprises is a fully accredited  music publishing company affiliated with Broadcast Music Incorporated, better known as BMI, with offices throughout the US and affiliates all over the world. All songs below are copyrighted and are available for licensing to use in broadcast programs, independent films, advertisements, websites, pod casting and so forth on a royalty-free, non-exclusive basis for a one time  fee of $50US per cue/song.  View the License Contract.  After payment, buyer will be directed to a  download area  where  an uncompressed version of the cue/song chosen will be made available and/or  the cue/song will be delivered by US Mail  to the buyer on a CD.

0101 Afterbath

0102 Afternoon Daylight

0103 Arroyo Grande

0104 Atmananda

0105 Atmananda Unplugged

0106 Bangalore

0107 Benares Recluse

0108 Bhopal

0109 Billy Hill

0110 Bollywood Baba

0111 Calfing

0112 Cosmic Breeze

0113 Cowlick

0114 Delhi at Night

0115 Dewas Dust

0116 Ganesh Mosq

0117 Going Anyway

0118 Haunted Housesitting

0119 House of Prana

0120 India

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0121 Jain in Ujjain

0122 Jazzercise

0123 Karmakola

0124 Lower Lake

0125 Lucknow Now

0126 Made in Madras

0127 Mum in Mumbai

0128 Nainital

0129 Om Surya

0130 Peace Dream

0131 Phoenix Rising

0132 Samadhi

0133 Shanti Bhavan Goa

0134 Shanti Bhavan Unplugged

0135 Walking Dewey

0136 Walking the Cow

0137 Yog Mata

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