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Gypsy Soul

The Gypsies are nomad people who use to live in South-East Pakistan and North-West India from time immemorial. Around 600 A.D. they started their march westward in groups that have settled along the way in places like the Middle East, Hungary, Romania, one of their main hubs,  France and Spain. We started filming in 2006 in Rajasthan where some of the Gypsy Tribes remain to this day. Their world  is hard and primal but their hearts are pure and they find joy in every day life. We also filmed at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Southern France where every year, numerous Gypsy caravans descend  on the city for the festival honoring the 3 Marys: Marie Salome, Marie Jacobe and Sara Kali the
patron of the Gypsies, Roms, Tziganes and Manouches. Additional filming will be done  in Romania and the UK.

        The Pilgrimage at

Frater Noster

This book is a fictitious account of the life of the Comte de Saint Germain, a mystic born in the late17th century and believed by some to be alive to this day. In this account, the Count is tracked down by the reincarnation of his mother who is dead set on finding the secret of her former son's immortality. The account takes us back through history explaining how the Count reached immortality and had to assume several identities throughout history to preserve his secrets and his longevity.

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Into The Mystic

Valerie Stanton is a 20-something American girl who left Los Angeles with her boyfriend Austin to spend a year in India. They have split up halfway into the trip and Valerie has missed the return flight to the US. Upon returning, Austin contacts Valerie’ parents who have also not heard from her for the past two months.

After unsuccessfully trying to deal with the situation from the US, Valerie’ father, Kevin Stanton, travels to India to find his daughter. We follow him as he retraces her footstep albeit in a non-linear fashion. Valerie’ journey is reconstituted in flashbacks as a parallel plot throughout the series.

This series is a spiritual thriller where each episode revolves around a situation with an underlying metaphysical topic. The fast-paced mocumentary drama is meant to blur the line between reality and fiction. The screenplay for a 2-hour pilot is pending.