Sages 2

Swami Gurusharananandji
at Karshini  Ashram

We came to Swami with a letter of recommendation from Sadhvi Bhagwati of Parmarth Niketan. Swami presides over one of the largest and oldest Ashrams in India. The old style Ashram houses over 300 Sadhus and 1000 cows. It is located in the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura.

Sathya Sai Baba

This picture was taken by Andre on Swami's 78th birthday, November 23, 2003. We usually visit Puttaparthy or Whitefield at the beginning or at the end of each of our trips to India. The first time we went in 2000, Swami took a letter from us in which we promised that if he took the letter we would visit his Ashram each time we come to India. We have been there many times and Prashanti Nilayam is indeed a very special place where miracles happen on a regular basis.


     Mahant Baba Rampuri

We were fortunate enough to meet Babaji in Los Angeles during his tour to publicize his book "Baba",  his personal account of a young American man who goes to India and never returns. Instead he joins the Naga Babas, the Naked Ones. His contribution to our film Kumbh Mela was most invaluable and his willingness and enthusiasm  for the path he has chosen is contagious.