Airtight glass chamber where
Pilot Baba stayed for 96 hours...

Or did he?

        Hari Baba

Yog Mata and Pilot Baba are "gurubhai" which means they had the same guru or teacher, Hari Baba.

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Mahamandaleshwar Yog Mata Keiko Aikawa also know as Ma Kaila Devi is a Japanese yogini who also appears in Samadhi.

On several occasions, Yog Mata has been invited by Pilot Baba to take underground Samadhi where she is interred in a 9'x9'x9' pit for 72 hours.

Yog Mata has been a yogi since the age of fifteen and has demonstrated Samadhi in public 20 times. She received the title of Mandaleshwar or cardinal figure at the Ardh Kumbh Mela in Allahabad in 2007. She has been a pioneer of yoga in Japan as the spiritual leader of the Science of Enlightenment.

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In Samadhi, Mahayogi Pilot Baba from the Himalayas and Mahamandaleshwar Yog Mata Keiko Aikawa from Japan demonstrate a state of suspended animation akin to virtual death of the senses and stoppage of the bodily functions called Samadhi, which also means death in Hindi. These yogis can be buried, remain under water or in an airtight glass container for extended periods of time. Despite extremely adverse conditions such as the absence of air, water, food and movement and extreme temperature swings, they remain unscathed. Filmed in Dewas, Nainital and Allahabad in India and in Berkeley, California in the US, this film is an intimate look at a ancient, secret practice that is now being revealed. Yearly, Pilot Baba teaches classes at The Mahayog Academy, at his ashram in Nainital for those interested in developing the skills and techniques to attain the state of Samadhi.