Shantitown Foundation

In the footsteps of the Masters

To lend a helping hand
The Shantitown Foundation is a non-profit organization looking to raise funds to create and orphanage in India called Shantitown. Shanti means Peace in Sanskrit. In its first phase, Shantitown will specialize in helping single mothers and their young children and in the second phase, will turn towards the elderly. We are looking at acquiring the land as soon as funds will permit and to start construction shortly thereafter. Shantitown will originally accommodate up to 20 women and their children under schooling age. We will provide them the means to have a productive life and to be reintegrated into society on their own terms instead of being at the mercy of outdated conventions. In time we will provide education for the children and an hospice for older people with limited means and we will expand accordingly. Periodically we will hold medical camps with health professionals visiting from foreign countries. We wil also have retreats and workshops by teachers renowned in their fields. we will foster the practice yoga as an integral part of life. We plan to live in India six months out of the year no later than 2010 and full time shortly thereafter. To fund this undertaking, we are selling art and products along with our films and music. Any contribution you can make to Shantitown will be greatly appreciated.

                                Single mothers are often shunned by society.

                                       We think they all deserve better.

                                         Mothers, boys and girls.

                                           Don't you agree?